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Training On Demand by CrossKnowledge: a new way of designing, delivering and managing your training programmess.

Training On Demand by CrossKnowledge makes it possible to leverage new technologies and enhance the flexibility and scope of your staff training programmes. In just a few minutes you can create and deliver training packages offering one or more key features (e-learning, face to face teaching, assessment, coaching, etc), irrespective of the number of trainees.

Drawing from the CrossKnowledge on-line content catalogue and your own in-house resources, and with the help of our dedicated intuitive technology, you will be able to respond immediately to demand, giving your group training sessions a 'tailor-made' feel while drastically cutting costs.

1. Design on Demand

No more complex costly learning systems!

The computer-assisted learning programme design tool and the CrossKnowledge content catalogue make it easy to respond swiftly to the demands of your in-house clients, effortlessly creating cutting-edge learning paths on a par with best training solutions available today!

2. No-Hassle Implementation

No more operational issues!

The CrossKnowledge training site creation tool means you can deliver learning modules to 1,10,100 or 1,000 people, whatever their geographic location. The simple, user-friendly interface has been tried and tested by thousands of learners. Just send participants an e-mail invititation and let the system take care of the rest.

3. Monitor Cost Effectiveness

No more non-trackable learning systems!

Thanks to the CrossKnowledge computer-assisted trainee tracking and reporting-system, you can maintain full control of training implementation and assess return on investment in terms of bth skills development and cost. At any time you can find out who is on line, who needs to be sent a reminder, and how many taining hours have been completed. The system even automatically sends reminders to latecomers!

Training on Demand by CrossKnowledge features:

  • Access to the complete CrossKnowledge catalogue: over 10,000 training products (e-learning, videos, fact sheets, etc.) in ten different languages
  • The opportunity to build in your own content or any third-party e-learning resources you may have aquired.
  • A computer-assisted learning path and training site development tool (CrossKnowledge Developer™).
  • An exclusive personalised presentation, tracking and reminder system (CrossKnowlege Learner Relationship Management System™).
  • Exportability of all consolidated reporting data into your LMS.
  • A full help and advice package that shows you how to use the system, leads you through the creation and management of your first learning modules, and provides ongoing assistance users.

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