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Leadership Academy

Ideally, leaders in a company, should know wholeheartedly the core values of the company they are leading, for these values will provide the fundamental guidelines for them to run the company and to manage and translate company's value and message to their subordinates.

However, due to heavy activities and responsibilities, they tend to forget their essential role as inspiration to those they lead and even to lead themselves. Whereas, apart from aligning their goals to the company's, they too are accountable for communicating those values to their subordinates.

Consequently, many employees who work in big companies don't share the same sense of belonging to the company as their leaders.

Derived from the idea, Learning Resources would like to present an Academy for your company Leaders to take. This training Roadmap has it all that you need. Additionally, participants will also be equipped with skills necessary to be able to carry this concept into daily activities, enable them to communicate and execute the already shaped focus.


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Upcoming Events

Upcoming events

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