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ROI Measurement

One of the most challenging issues facing organization is to measure the value on all types of projects and programs.

The Return on Investment (ROI) Methodology, developed by Dr. Jack J. Phillips and Dr. Patti P. Phillips, has proven to be an accurate, credible and feasible approach to addressing the accountability issues for all types of organizations. The methodology has been accepted and used in over 50 countries and is the leading approach to ROI accountability.

Facilitated by Dr. Jack Phillips, the ROI Methodology Certificate Programs provides a practical measurement experience. Participants learn how to use the ROI Methodology to measure the contribution of programs, satisfy client needs, enhance program success, and build respect with stakeholders.

The ROI Methodology is best described by considering five major elements, as shown in Figure 1.

The first element is the framework for evaluation, which details five distinct levels of evaluation.

These levels, shown in figure 2, categorize data, reporting a chain of impact as reaction leads to learning, to application, to impact, and to return on investment.

The second element is the ROI model.
As shown in figure 3, the model provides a step-by-step process for collecting data, summarizing and processing data, isolating the effects of programs, converting data to momentary value, and capturing the actual ROI.

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