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Training Assessment

More than 70 assessments, instrument, and surveys for individuals at all organizational levels.

Identify specific areas for improvement, address your core business and customize training development for maximum sustainable results. Let our expert consultants do it for you.

Personal Development

  • Achieving Peak Performance
  • Interpersonal Influence Inventory
  • Learning Preference Assessment
  • Learning Style Questionnaire
  • Learning to Listen
  • Personal Style Inventory
  • Trust: The Ultimate Test
  • What's My Learning Style
  • What's My Style
  • What's My Time Style

Customer Service

  • Becoming Customer Service Style
  • Internal Customer Service Assessment
  • Knock Your Socks Off Service Readiness Assessment


  • Best Boss Inventory
  • Comprehensive Leader
  • Empowerment Profile
  • Facilitator Behavior Questionnaire
  • Focused Leader Profile
  • Leader-Manager Profile
  • Leadership Practise Inventory
  • Supervisory Skills Questionnaire
  • Team Leader Survey
  • What's My Leadership Style
  • Work Satisfaction & Renewal Series

Team Performance

  • Group Development Assessment
  • Outback!
  • Team Communication Inventory
  • Team Effectiveness Profile
  • TeamShare
  • Team-Work & Team-Profiles
  • Vacation in the Key

Coaching & Mentoring

  • Coaching Skills Inventory
  • Get Fit for Coaching
  • What's My Coaching Style
  • Mentoring In The Moment

Creativity & Innovation

  • Breakthrough Creativity People
  • Encouraging Innovation
  • Seeds of Innovation

Problem Solving & Decision Making

  • Cave Without a Name
  • Force Field Problem Solving Model
  • Group Think Index
  • Intuitive Decision Making Profile
  • Outback!
  • Problem Solve
  • Problem Solving Style Inventory

Team Building

  • Beyond The Valley of The Kings
  • Black Bear
  • Effective Team Member Profile
  • How Independent Is Our Team
  • Intergroup Diagnostic Survey
  • Marooned
  • What's My Team Member Style

Managing Change

  • Change Reaction
  • Conflict Strategies
  • Greenfield Case
  • Leading Change at Every Level
  • Mastering The Change Curve

Managing Conflict

  • Team Conflict
  • Team Conflict Strategies Inventory
  • Swamped!

Selling & Negotiation

  • Dealing With Touch Negotiators
  • Negotiating Style Profile
  • Selling Skills Inventory
  • What's My Selling Style

Selection for Associates Level

  • SELECT for Banking Sales Associates
  • SELECT for In-Store Sales Associates
  • SELECT for Branch Managers
  • SELECT for Banking Service Associates
  • SELECT for Call Centre

Selection and Develoment Plan for Supervisory and Managerial Level

  • ASSESS System


  • Neurolinguistic Communication Profile
  • What's My Communication Style
  • Non-verbal Sensitivity Indicator

Performance Management

  • Performance Appraisal Skills Inventory
  • Performance Management
  • Portnoy's Style Dilemma


  • Presentation Skills Profile

Project Leadership Assessment

  • Project Leadership Assessment

Vendor - Client Partnership

  • Partnering Development Assessment
  • Partner Power Profile

Training Needs Analysis

  • Training Needs Assessment Tools

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